Bathroom exhaust

Installation, repair and maintenance of bathroom drain

If the bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house, it should be noted that it is also a space in which germs can grow. These bacteria, which multiply due to high humidity and stale air, can cause several diseases in the household. However, there are very effective solutions, such as bathroom drains that effectively reduce moisture in these spaces.

However, one can ask the questions: how to install it, maintain it and possibly repair it? To these questions, you will get answers in this article.

Bathroom  exhaust: What is it?

It is a fan that aims to remove moisture and polluted air from the bathroom, without bringing fresh air. However, like any appliance, the bathroom drain must be chosen taking into account a very important aspect: The size of the room. This standard is included in the Building code which also obliges builders and owners to equip their bathrooms with this device.

Models of bathroom drains, there are objectively 2. These are:

The online spillway which is a very quiet model that allows to link several grids to the engine block. However, it is one of the rarest in households. The ceiling drain which is the most re-run in households due to the simplicity of the installation and its use.

However, regardless of the model chosen, the venter can only carry one fan model among the following:

  • The centrifugal or turbine fan:

It is made up of rotary cylinders. Thanks to this component, it will be able to first suck in the air and then evacuate it through the exhaust pipes. This model is also one of the most Silent and in a way, the most Effective on the market.

  • The helical or propeller fan:

It moves air from the inside of the bathroom to the outside like aircraft propellers.

If you wish, the bathroom drain can be installed on the wall, however, this is rarely done because the humidity tends to rise in height.
As far as the ducts are concerned, they are generally horizontal with an inclination that gives outwards from the house, from the ceilings or in the Attic. Also, it is important to take into account the importance of insulation to avoid heat loss.

How do I install a bathroom sink?

First, it is important to note that today, the ventilator should not be placed just above the bathroom, or more precisely above the shower. The ideal is to install it at a certain distance in order to comply with the Building Code.

That said, you must first choose a good location. This must take into account the fact that the case will be attached to the attic. Generally, the space chosen to install the ventilator is right in the center of the bathroom, neither too close nor too far.


It is possible to install it yourself, but the ideal is to use Air Solution Climatisation who have the best tools and means available for the work to be successful.

How do I maintain a bathroom exhaust?

Once installed, bathroom elevator maintenance should not be overlooked to prevent it from falling down very quickly. As a result, it is necessary to clean it on average every two years. If you hear any strange noises, then it is most probably time to change your fan. Otherwise ask a specialist to come assess the situation.


Even if this exercise is not the easiest, it must be said that cleaning the duct is just as important, as is that of the fan. So, to do it right, you have to first, remove the duct to clean the inside. Once this is done, it is also important to take an appointment with a HVAC technician, whether you are at Montreal or in any other city. The technician will carry out very thorough maintenance of your system.

How do I fix a bathroom sink?

To ensure a good bathroom drain repair, it is best to contact an expert in the field. However, you can also start by turning off the electricity in the bathroom. Then open the lid (you can force a little bit). After cleaning the compartment, inspect the system, so you can solve a good part of the problem and save money as long as you know a little bit about it.

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