Installation, repair and maintenance of air exchangers

Homes in Montreal have the advantage of having a good waterproofing. This allows them to conserve heat during the winter season, but also to keep the air currents cool during the summer. However, the system is not perfect. In fact, poor quality air may be confined to the home. You then have to get rid of it in order to breathe much fresher air. It is with this in mind that air exchangers are used. Air exchangers: what is it? What are they for? How the installation process is going ? What about maintenance and repair?

The role of air exchangers

Air exchangers play a crucial role in housing. When air is not properly evacuated, it remains stuck in some rooms. It then contains various bad odors (for example: smells of smoke, musty, cooking) that can permeate in clothing. In the case of bathrooms, moist air must be evacuated, as in the long term, mold can develop on the walls. It is therefore important that the air is fully evacuated in order to avoid these minor inconveniences. This is where the air exchangers come in. Air exchangers are a device designed to ventilate inside the home. The goal is to get rid of stale air and thus improve the circulation of fresh air.

Effective maintenance of air exchangers requires rigorous cleaning of the core, filters and fans. On the other hand, this task is to be entrusted to professionals (especially with regard to the cleaning of fans and the core). This is even if the maintenance process is printed on the core of the device.

Why do we need to maintain the air exchangers?

No matter what room they’re in, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance of the air exchangers. This interview must be done at least four times a year. When this maintenance is not done properly, adverse consequences are to be expected. For example: the filter may be clogged to the point where the air is having trouble passing. Another example: the drain filter can be clogged with large dust particles.

In this case, the air exchangers become completely useless since they will no longer be able to accomplish their mission.

What you need to know about installing air exchangers

Before opting for an air exchanger installation, several points must be taken into account. First: the humidity inside the building. The installation of an air exchanger is only suitable if this humidity exceeds a percentage of relative humidity. Otherwise, it is even best to do without it in order to avoid creating an atmosphere of drought that is likely to harm your health. The second point concerns the air exchanger model. The choice will be between the energy-saving air exchanger and the heat-recovery air exchanger. The second model has the advantage of being fully operational when the climate is very cold. In addition, it is much more resistant over time. Then comes the choice of where the air exchanger will be installed. It is best to choose a place and room that is easy to access (so that maintenance is easy to perform). It should also be avoided near rooms such as bedrooms or garages.

The next point concerns the pipes and ventilation grids of the device. The pipes must have perfect insulation. As for the ventilation grids, they must be large enough to make the evacuation better. However, they should not be installed near the exits of the rooms. And finally, there is the point on the ducts and the condensation water. As far as ducts are concerned, it is best to turn to rigid models. Condensation water must be sent to a swallow. Once all these conditions are met, the installation can be done. It is best to entrust this task to professionals who will guide you through the various stages.

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When is the repair option more sensible?

Because of several malfunctions, air exchangers may have to be replaced or just repaired. Repair is only advantageous under certain conditions. The first condition is that the guarantee obtained on purchase is still valid. The second condition is that the age of the device has not yet reached 10 years. And finally, last condition: the repair costs are estimated at less than 30 of the costs of the complete replacement of the device. Contact one of our experts for a free estimate!

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