Electric furnace

Installation, repair and maintenance of Fournaise Electric in Montreal

In cities like Montreal, it’s more than a need to take precautions to face the hellish cold of winter. To achieve this, the solution found is the use of heating systems, including the electric furnace. It is the most used here in Quebec. Find out in this article, all about the installation, repair and maintenance of a Electric furnace..

Generality on the Electric Furnace

There are usually three categories of furnaces: electric furnace, gas furnace and oil furnace. The Electric furnace is a heating system that allows to warm the cold air in a room, thanks to electrical resistors. Indeed, the operating mechanism consists of repeating the warm atmosphere in all compartments of a house or apartment. This is made possible by the essential elements that make up an electric furnace, namely: fan, engine and filters. For the installation, maintenance and repair of your furnace, it is better to resort to a professional.

Installation of electric furnaces in Montreal?

TheElectric Furnace installation is reserved for professionals. First of all, the professional can help you make an optimal choice of your electric furnace. For example, depending on the size of your home, an experienced heater will guide you so that you have total satisfaction. Then, as far as the location of your furnace is concerned, the specialist is able to suggest the ideal place to accommodate your device. Finally, you should contact a heating technician to take advantage of a secure installation. Because installing an electric furnace is no small task. It takes a proven know-how to get there, and our Air Solution Air Air Air Conditioning experts are here to help.

How to ensure the repair of the Electric Furnace in Montreal

The Electric Furnace repair can be edsomedies in three complementary phases.

The first phase

To start, check to see if the thermostat in the electric furnace is on. If so, well, you can move directly to the next phase. However, if the thermostat is not on, consider changing its different batteries (if it is a battery thermostat). In the event that the furnace thermostat is electronic, so powered by the device itself, each circuit breaker must be controlled. Indeed, there are two circuit breakers to check. The first is the one in the electrical panel. Check to see if it’s in “ON” mode. The second circuit breaker to be inspected is the “disconnect” or “service breaker.”

The third phase

To overcome the last two problems noted at the second phase, try to zero the furnace counter with the “resetter” button. In this logic, put the circuit breaker in the “off” position.

The second phase

At this stage of repairing an electric furnace, it is imperative to check whether the thermostat displays the emergency indication “Emergency heat” and not the word “Cool.” If this is the case put the temperature at 26 degrees Celsius or 78 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, wait about 5 minutes. You can see one of these three phenomena:

  • The disappearance of heating;
  • Lack of hot air despite the normal operation of the thermostat’s ventilation and lights;
  • the malfunction of the indoor fan and thermostat lights that prevents the sharing of hot water.

If you encounter the last two situations, move on to the third phase.

5 minutes later, you can return the circuit breaker to “on” mode. You will find after some time that the heat is back in the rooms of your home. However, if the problem persists, simply call a heating system troubleshooter.

As far as electronic filters are concerned, they are equipped with a manual for purchase. You can read it for all intents and purposes. Control of the wheels and fan motors of an electric furnace is also essential. This is insofar as it can detect dust in order to evacuate it. Be aware that the engines of an electric furnace lubricate automatically. So you don’t have to bring them lubricant.

What to know about the maintenance of the Electric Furnaces in Montreal?

From the outset, it should be noted that the maintenance of a furnace must be done at least once a year. Forthe maintenance Of Electric Furnace, all parts of the device must be inspected. This allows the detection of debris and defective parts, in order to determine whether a general cleaning and replacement of certain elements is required. After this observation phase, step-by-step look at air filters, ventilation and the engine. Electric furnace filters come in three categories. There are disposable filters, leachable filters and electronic filters. When you want to change or clean the filter of your electric furnace, always make sure the device is in “off” mode. If your heating system filter is disposable and needs to be replaced, buy one that has the same measurements.

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