Central heat pump

Installation, repair and maintenance of Central heat pump

You want to install a central heat pump to heat and cool the interior of your home or business in Montreal! The central heat pump has many advantages for the occupants of the house, starting with the comfort it provides. Thanks to its multiple ducts connected to the interior unit, the central heat pump promotes a greater diffusion of hot or cold air in all rooms of the house unlike the wall heat pump. Our experts will help you with how to install, maintain and repair a central heat pump.

What is a central heat pump?

A central heat pump refers to an electrical device capable of moving heat from one location to another. It is a technology that has been used for decades in Canada and around the world.

The heat pump transfers heat by evaporating and condensing a refrigerant to a compressor that circulates it between two coils. The refrigerant is evaporated at low pressure in one of the coils while absorbing heat from the ambient air. It is then pumped to the second coil, where it condenses at a high pressure and releases the absorbed heat at the beginning of the cycle.

The central heat pump saves a lot of energy and when combined with a furnace, it allows both hot and cold air to be released. It remains ideal for those who already own a central heat pump, air conditioner or ventilation ducts with a furnace and are thinking of replacing it. Those who wish to acquire a new home or have a new home build benefit from being able to consider this alternative at an early stage of the process. Whether you want to repair your current central heat pump or install a new device, in both cases you need to use experienced technicians who can meet your needs.

The external unit of the condenser will be placed on a wall support or on the ground. A new set of refrigeration lines and a new coil installed in the furnace will be set up. The technician will then perform a electrical connection and setting up your central heat pump will be effective and functional on the same day.

Central heat pump installation: how to proceed?

Before the installation of the central heat pump, specialists will evaluate your existing heat pump and may recommend that your device be repaired or replaced. Several models of heat pumps designed by well-known manufacturers are available according to your needs. The installation of a central heat pump will take place for 4 to 8 hours depending on the complexity of the installation and whether it is a replacement or a new installation. The installation of the central heat pump can be carried out by a team of two technicians. It includes the dismantling and layout of your old heat pump in the event of a renewal.

However, before you buy your central heat pump, you need to be assisted by experts in selecting your new device. You can also involve them on the essential repairs of the one you own in order to maximize its performance and extend its life.

When should the central heat pump be maintained?

In general, a complete cleaning of your central heat pump is recommended every year, depending on the use and maintenance you make of your device. If necessary, have your central heat pump inspected by an expert. They will let you know if cleaning your heat pump is necessary or not. When cleaning your central heat pump, professionals check that all ducts are free and that there is no blockage that can prevent air from circulating freely in your rooms. A duct blockage or clogged filter can cause additional pressure on your device’s engine and compressor. This could reduce its effectiveness and cause additional electricity costs.


During the maintenance of your central heat pump, the filters are cleaned or replaced as needed and a visual inspection is carried out to ensure that there is no mould or other debris that could interfere with the proper operation of your device. It is therefore important to entrust these maintenance processes in the expert hands of technicians in order to maximize the operation of your central heat pump.

It is therefore important to entrust these maintenance processes in the expert hands of technicians in order to maximize the operation of your central heat pump.

What about the repair of the heat pump

It is essential to entrust the task of repairing the central heat pump experts. In fact, a poorly performed repair can cause other problems and other failures causing even more expensive heat pump repairs. By trusting certified technicians who, in addition to their skills, have received training in the installation and repair of heat pumps, you guarantee a job well done and you increase the life of your device. Similarly, all work will be accompanied by practical advice to optimize the operation and performance of the device.

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