Mural air conditioner

Installation, repair and maintenance of Wall Air conditioner in Montreal (QC)

Very useful in all seasons, the wall air conditioner, refreshes the house in summer and provides heating in winter. It is the most accessible device for home use. It is compact and easily blends into the interior decoration of your home.

In Montreal, the new wall air conditioning units are equipped with features that guarantee energy savings.

What are the maintenance operations of the wall air conditioner?

A wall air conditioner is an air conditioning system attached to the wall of the house. When the temperature becomes extreme and disturbs the well-being in your home, Air conditioning converts hot air into cold air with a system comparable to that of the refrigerator.

In other words, the calories of hot air are pumped through a refrigeration system and expelled outside the home. However, the wall air conditioner consists of the interior and exterior unit of a conventional air-cooling system. The inner part sucks hot air from the room, cools it and then releases fresh air. The outside makes it easy to evacuate warm air outwards.

The wall air conditioner not only influences the temperature of the air, but also helps to dehumidify and purify it through its filtration system. It is therefore equipped with a filter that effectively cleans the air and significantly reduces bacteria, pollens and other impurities. An infrared remote control accompanies all models and allows you to program the temperature and adjust the airflow throughout the day.

Wall air conditioners are available in standard models, but also in design and colorful designs that add a special touch to the decoration of the room.

What about the repair of the wall air conditioner?

A wall air conditioner can be subject to different types of failures: the air conditioner does not start, the air coming out is neither cold nor hot, the air conditioner suddenly becomes very noisy, water flows from the air conditioning, the air conditioner tends to freeze, etc. If you have acquired your air conditioning equipment and its installation has been carried out by the same company, it is very likely that you will benefit from a maintenance contract and warranty from them.

The company must therefore be used to assess the outage and to bring in a refrigerator quickly. If you do not have a maintenance contract in progress or if you are out of warranty period, we advise you to contact one of the Air Solution Air specialists quickly.

Installation wall air conditioner : how to proceed ?

Wall air conditioner installation: how to do this?

The air conditioning project in your home must be taken seriously and carried out thoroughly. Indeed, the‘installation of the air conditioner mural requires several steps: choosing the type of air conditioner, mandatory agreements, defining the ideal part where to set up the units of the air conditioning system. Before choosing the wall air conditioner, it is necessary to establish a thermal balance in order to study the energy performance of your home. This thermal balance will determine the power and size of the air conditioner to be acquired, as it takes into account the area of the room to be air-conditioned, your needs, the insulation of the house or the nature of the walls. It will allow you to choose an air conditioning with power in line with your home.

As for the external unit, it has the role of capturing calories in the ambient air. Its operating principle is based on the heat pump and the aerothermics.

Reversible air conditioning requires the installation of an external unit and an evacuation of the condensates that will transform the façade of the building. Once the size of the wall air conditioner has been determined and the administrative approval has been reached, it is necessary to decide where to install your air conditioner. An air conditioning system consists of several units and equipment that are connected to each other. It is therefore important to design an assembly diagram to determine the location of your air conditioner. The installing reversible air conditioning requires more work and is therefore more complex. The interior unit of this air conditioning system has the role of restoring calories in the form of heat or freshness through a ventilation system. The installation of the air conditioning module inside the dwelling is therefore relatively simple.

A refrigerant circuit connects the outer unit to the inner unit to transport calories to the inner unit. At the end of the installation of both units, a test should be carried out to check whether your air conditioning system is working properly.

Its intervention may involve cleaning the filters of the interior units, dusting and cleaning internal parts, external parts and electrical cabinets, tightening of connections, etc.

What are the maintenance operations of the wall air conditioner?

Maintenance of air conditioning is essential to its proper functioning. The specialist in charge of the maintenance of the air conditioning system is responsible for the verification and general control of the internal and external units.

This involves controlling the attachment of units and supports, such as the wall air conditioner, checking the refrigeration system and examining pressure and temperature. The air conditioning maintenance department also examines the effectiveness of the regulations, the safety conditions and the automation of the system.

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