Installation, repair and maintenance of the humidifier in Montreal

Generally, in Winter when it is very cold and the heating is running at full throttle, the air dries out and breathing becomes difficult. The humidity then drops below 30 . In this case, opening windows or french doors will not solve the problem, as the indoor air will be even drier when it comes into contact with the outside temperature of around 0oC. It is therefore essential for the well-being of the occupants of your home to equip yourself with an air humidifier. In Montreal, there are specialists involved in the installation, repair and maintenance of this device. Let’s find out in this article how they do it.

What is a humidifier?

A air humidifier refers to a device that is used to soften the atmosphere, especially if it becomes too dry. Indeed, it is a device that improves breathing by bringing more moisture to the air present in a room. The air humidifier is equipped with a hygrometer that will determine the humidity level in a room or living room for example.

If this level is too low, the unit is put in place to increase humidity. The air humidifier is therefore a mandatory device for all those who wish to avoid drought at home. The air humidifier also helps to combat the drought that appears in winter, in case of falling temperatures. It also prevents the skin from drying out.

This is why its use will be especially effective for people who are fragile and sensitive to moisture. The main advantage of the air humidifier remains its ability to trigger itself when it detects that the atmosphere is too dry. In addition, it is possible to adjust the air humidifier according to the needs of its user. To make it work, simply install it on a central furnace.

Once the device is turned on, the water in the tank will be sprayed throughout the room. However, avoid placing the appliance near a wall or furniture to prevent it from inhibiting the spread of moisture

Installing a central humidifier

The Solutionair air conditioning, experts take care entirely of the installation, repair and maintenance of your central humidifier.

There are two types of central humidifier: water curtain models and hot steam models. They must all be installed directly in the oven on the ventilation ducts. To homogenize moisture in the house

Wet installation: how to do it?

For optimal efficiency, the installation of your air humidifier must be taken seriously. We only sell central humidifiers. And in this case the humidifiers are controlled by what you call a hygrostat it’s similar to a thermostat but for humidity control the hygrostat requires the same attention and does the same task as a thermostat but simply for the humidifier. Some thermostat have built-in hygrostat option.


Like any water-using device, air humidifiers need basic maintenance and regular disinfection to work as well as possible. Cleaning your air humidifier is a quick and simple process when regular maintenance.


How do I maintain the air humidifier?

Like any device using water, air humidifiers require basic maintenance and regular disinfection to function at their best. Cleaning your air humidifier is a quick and easy process when it is regularly maintained. For models with water curtain, maintenance is easy, the water filter and cartridge must be changed every year. As long as the system is open, we can no longer clean the internal parts.

For the hot steam model on the other hand, maintenance can become a little tricky. We need to open the steam bucket and clean it to remove the formation of limestone, in addition to changing the water filter.

In both situations, our technicians are available to help you in your process.

Why repair the air humidifier?

The humidifier is designed to keep your home’s moisture level under control. If he no longer plays this role, you should immediately call on a humidifier repairer in Montreal. Because if you continue to use an inadequate humidifier, you and your family members are exposed to health problems. For example, it is mandatory to call experts when you notice the problems with the outage. These repairs may include: replacement of the evaporator pad, level measurement, inspection and cleaning of holes, verification of valves and hygrostat, etc.

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