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Installation, repair and maintenance of Central Air conditioner

To make the most of the summer and maintain an ideal temperature in your home, it is important to opt for a suitable appliance. To do this, the central air conditioning system is one of the best solutions you can easily adopt. In addition to allowing you to cool every room in your home, it reduces the noise of appliances, lower than a wall air conditioner. Its configuration allows it to adapt to all styles of houses. Find out in this article how to install, repair or maintain it to optimize its operation.

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Air conditioner repair

Learn more about how we work when it comes to air conditioner repair.

Air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance

Find out more about all our standards and formalities concerning the maintenance of wall and central air conditioners

What is a central air conditioner?

Central air conditioning is an installation that allows the air conditioning of all the rooms of a building. All the needs of the building are thus treated by the same device. This system aims to homogenize the temperature and air quality of the dwelling while optimizing energy consumption.

Our teams install, maintain and repair your central units split in the air or central monobloc in the water.

How to find the best central air conditioning installer

To find the best technician Central air conditioner Montreal, you will have to judge on several criteria including two main ones that are professionalism and pricing. Indeed, it is important to take care of the installer’s skills in order to have a good overall rendering. As far as the rate is concerned, the final decision will be made based on the different quotes you will receive. Indeed, before installation, it will be necessary to contact several providers in order to be able to compare prices and choose the most advantageous. Before you decide, be sure to check working conditions and warranties for both equipment and labour.

This attachment is necessary even when it is a replacement of the central air conditioning system. Finally, the installer makes connections and other technical adjustments to start the system. Once the installation is complete, the technician will check the set and make sure everything is working properly.

How do I install a central air conditioner?

The installation of an air conditioner depends on several factors. And when it comes to central air conditioning, these factors become more important because the efficiency of your installation depends on it.

Choosing the material

The installation techniques are based on the model of the device used. However, there are some basic rules to follow, regardless of the model. The first thing to do before planning an installation is the choice of equipment. Depending on the configuration of the building, you will have to choose the Central air conditioner best suited to it.

Before moving to thecentral air conditioner installation,it is important to call on a professional Air Solution Air Climatisation. The latter will be able to carry out the financial balance sheet of the installation and offer you a quote for your project. He will also be able to answer your questions and you can take advantage of his expertise to get advice on the choice of equipment, installation areas, etc.

The process of installing the air conditioner

When installing the air conditioner, all procedures, whether administrative or technical, are carried out by the contractor. If this type of work requires permission, he will have it before starting the installation of the ducts. If your building already has a duct, it will be repaired to make it usable. The technician then switches to fixing the external unit.

How to properly maintain a central air conditioner?

To benefit from air conditioning for a long time without observing a system failure, it is important to take preventive maintenance precautionsof your central air conditioner.

For this, an annual cleaning is necessary and usually needs to be done before the summer. The air conditioning system consists of a capacitor (made up of cooling tubes, a fan and compressor), an evaporator, a hose and a fan. Start by vacuuming the capacitor, then effectively clean the rest of the system.

Repairing a central air conditioner

If, despite all precautions, the equipment deteriorates, a technician will have to be called in for the repair. Avoid doing it yourself, unless you have the necessary skills and techniques Central Air conditioner repair. The ideal is to call on the contractor who installed the system since he already has a good knowledge of the equipment and can be more effective when diagnosing. With the latter, it will also be easier for you to negotiate the rates of the intervention. Otherwise, contact one of our associates for more details.

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