Thermostat installation, repair and maintenance

For economic or ecological reasons, Montrealers are looking for different tips to reduce their energy expenditure. An excellent thermostat can be the right way to lighten your wallet. The thermostat is a handy tool with several features to monitor a home’s temperature. This article will detail how the thermostat works, as well as the installation steps and maintenance process.

What is the thermostat?

the Thermostat refers to a device designed to better check the temperature, of the house, equipment or appliances (car, boiler, oven, etc.) whose temperature is variable. At first, it found its first application in the industrial sector, before being adopted by home automation systems.

Thus, it now makes use of temperature controller in our homes. It is often associated with the heating system and allows to keep at constant temperature, a room or the entire dwelling. A thermostat is also used to individually test the ambient temperature produced by radiators.

Generally, the device comes in the form of a small case equipped with a digital screen or a graduated wheel to turn. The screen or dial assists in the precise programming of the desired temperature. Once it is fixed, the device checks the ambient temperature and if the heat level is below the established value, the thermostat tells the boiler to start. The thermostat valve is kept closed, as long as the room is at the right temperature. As a result, the household saves a lot of thermal energy and heating costs.

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As soon as you choose the most suitable location, place the thermostat case against the wall and point the location of the screws with a pencil. Using 5 mm strands, pierce the notches and place ankles suitable for your wall.

Then, you have to screw the thermostat on the ankles before switching to the connection. It is imperative to turn off the power before making the connection for safety reasons. If you have any doubts about setting up and connecting the thermostat, you should immediately contact our team who can also make recommendations on the proper use of your device.

What are the rules to follow in order to install your thermostat?

As soon as you choose the thermostat model of your choice, depending on its features and features, its installation will require a few rules.

The first question is where to place your thermostat if you want to keep it running smoothly. Regardless of the type of thermostat (ambient, programmable or connected), it should be placed in your home taking into account a few essential criteria. It is highly recommended to place it in the reference room of your home. That is, the most used living space in the home. For practical reasons, you have to choose a place that is easy to access in order to complete its installation and programming in peace. The thermostat should not be confused by temperature changes.

For this reason, it is imperative to exclude it from sources of heat or cold and especially not to expose it to the rays of the sun. It should also be avoided near a radiator, window or even a door that could cause drafts that could affect its effectiveness. The living room remains the ideal room for installation and connect your thermostat,preferably on an interior wall about 1.50 m above the ground.


How does thermostat maintenance work?

Thermostatmaintenance is normally taken into account by the company that installed the equipment on which it is installed. This is well detailed in the maintenance contract that binds you to your provider. When it is an ambient thermostat, and is placed to determine the temperature of the household, maintenance usually occurs every year.

It is carried out by a professional-heater. Thanks to his know-how, he will check whether the thermostat is still playing its role as regulator or it needs to be changed. If it doesn’t detect problems, it starts everything up again. Otherwise, it replaces the case with a new one always taking into account your needs.

Depending on the severity of the thermostat malfunction, it can be replaced, especially in the event of a repeated failure.

Thermostat repair: how to do it?

The malfunction of a heating-ventilation-air conditioning (HVAC) system can sometimes be a simple interruption of the heating temperature control device.

Problems with the operation of the thermostat may be associated with a communication problem between the heating system and the control system.

It is also possible that the favored location is not suitable and causes the malfunction. As soon as the problems arise, a professional-heater must be used.

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