Using a heating system helps maintain comfort inside homes especially in winter weather. There are several devices to heat the interior of a home. One of them is the electric furnace very appreciated by Quebecers. Have you heard of it, but are still hesitating to acquire it? Climatisation Solutionair inc. gives you some good reasons to invest in this heating system.

Because of the availability of electrical energy

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In Quebec, the most important form of energy in terms of abundance is electrical energy. It is also very clean. For more than 80 years, hydro-Québec has been supplied under government regulation. The company produces the energy and distributes it to the different consumers. There are also other players in the sector, including cooperatives and redistributors that serve municipalities.

Except in the event of a major outage on the power grid, you will never run out of electricity. This is not at all the same with other forms of energy for heating, including gas and oil. For these two forms of energy, your dependence on your supplier will be very great.

From all this, you understand that to heat you, the electric furnace is the best solution in Quebec. For the choice and installation of this device, Climatisation Solutionair inc. accompanies you in a very professional way.

For device performance

Those who have used it testify that the electric furnace ensures indoor heating comfort, regardless of the period. During the winter, it will happen that the mercury is below -30 ° C. In this case, you won’t risk freezing (or freezing to death) if you have an electric furnace.

Thanks to the thermostat of which this electrical device is equipped, you can adjust the heat diffusion throughout your home. This way, no room will be cold.

For assured air quality

The electric furnace is equipped with very effective filters. These have the function of capturing suspended dust as well as all allergens that are in the ambient air. In this way, the electrical apparatus prevents the dispersion of these particles. The direct consequence of this action of the filters is that the air breathed in your home is of excellent quality. You are therefore less exposed to respiratory disorders often due to mold and fungus.

For its practicality

The electric furnace is a very convenient device. Once installed in your home, it remains operational for a very long time. You don’t need to maintain it regularly so that it works at the top of its performance. But with an oil furnace, you are obliged to do regular maintenance so that it is always efficient and without risk of danger.

Those who have used this electrical device say it is very convenient. They are not at risk of being poisoned by carbon monoxide. Most heating systems are noisy. This is a significant nuisance for the residents of the house. The furnace makes the exception by remaining silent even in full activity. In addition, it easily adapts to the ventilation ducts already installed in the house.

An ecological solution

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Do you want to have a heater without its operation having any impact on the environment? Your solution is the electric furnace. To install it, the professional does not need to equip your home with a fireplace. The reason is that this equipment does not emit smoke that will have to be evacuated through a chimney. In addition, a chimney would cause heat loss. With an electric furnace, you consume all the heat it produces.

For those who wish to use this electrical appliance in an even more ecological way, there is the possibility of connecting it to a network of photovoltaic panels. There will be no doubt in this case that it works thanks to a clean energy source.

A cheaper heater

If there is one argument that could best push you to invest in an electric furnace, it is its purchase price. In fact, when you compare your purchase price to those of other heating equipment, the difference is clearly large. The
Electric furnace
is one of the least expensive solutions on the market.

In addition, the device is so easy to install that the professional will only charge you a small amount. This would not be the case if it were a gas or oil heating system.

To do this, Climatisation Solutionair inc. will take care of installing you this electrical appliance and even maintain it for you at all times. Based on our advice, you can increase its performance for optimal comfort in your home in Montreal and surroundings.