What can I do to maintain my system on my own? How often should I change or clean my filter?


In this article you will be guided on how to do basic maintenance for your wall-mounted and central air conditioning or heat pump.

  1. The first step is to identify its type of system, whether it is wall or central. The wall-mounted air conditioner is a wall-mounted device with remote control. The central air conditioner is connected to a furnace and ventilation ducts which distribute the air in each room.
  2. We strongly suggest that you turn off the power to your system before proceeding with any work.
  3. Once this step is completed, you will need to target the location of your filter (s) and replace or clean the latter (s).
  4. Access to a wall unit’s filters is usually from the front of the unit. Simply remove the soaped with mild soap and dry them before putting them back in place. We recommend cleaning the filters every 3 months during use. Here is an explanatory video on how to do it.



A central air conditioner’s filter access is usually located on the return air duct or below your system. They are often changeable filters but you may have a washable filter for this option simply wash with a mild, dry soap before putting it back. We recommend replacing the filter every 3 months for optimal maintenance. Here is an explanatory video on how to do it.


Replacement or cleaning of filters

While replacing or cleaning the filter, perform a visual inspection of the system to ensure that there is no accumulation of dirt or the start of fungal infection in the unit if it is. recommended that a complete cleaning of the unit be carried out by a certified technician.

The next step is to clean the outdoor unit. The task is to run a garden hose over the system radiator, even if the radiator appears clean and there is no pollen buildup. In many cases, dirt is embedded in the radiator. Here is an explanatory video on how to do it.

All these steps ultimately consist of basic maintenance in order to prolong the life of your device and to benefit from optimal air quality. It is still recommended to have your system checked every 3 years by a technician to ensure that all the components are functional and that the refrigerant level is sufficient in the device, these checks will allow you to avoid potential breakage and thereby even save.

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