Ductless heat pumps are becoming more and more adopted today. They are highly effective throughout the year in order to manage the ambient temperature of your room without the need for ducts. However, for many people how it works remains an enigma. This article submitted for your appreciation explains how a ductless wall-mounted heat pump works.

The components of a ductless wall-mounted heat pump

Wall-mounted ductless heat pumps are commonly referred to as mini-split heat pumps. They behave similarly to heating and cooling units, but do not require your home to have ducts. Mini-split heat pumps are commonly used to heat or cool any room or space. Indeed, they consist of two units namely: an outdoor unit (compressor or condenser) and an indoor unit (evaporator).

The outdoor compressor is located outside your home. It is much smaller than traditional heat pumps. The indoor unit is proportionally small and is placed high on the wall or even on the ceiling. The two units are joined together by power cables and refrigerant pipes through a small opening in the wall.

The operating process

The process of operating a ductless wall-mounted heat pump to heat and cool your home is quite simple. The unit uses a refrigerant for the transfer of thermal energy between the inside and outside of your home. To be more explicit, during the summer, the heat contained in your home is drawn by the refrigerant and then transferred outside your home. During the winter, the heat pump works in reverse. Through the refrigerant, it absorbs the heat it can find outside and then sends the hot air into your home. It is therefore a system that balances the air pressure according to the time of year.

In addition, the indoor unit is placed in the room of your choice, usually at the top of a wall or near the ceiling. However, our company, Climatisation Solution Air, has a multitude of different installation methods in order to meet the harmonious needs and physical capacity of prospects. Although the installation of the indoor unit of a heat pump in general is wall-mounted, we have the possibility to hide it on a low floor in your room. However, the installation of the outdoor unit can also be customized and covered inside with insulation. In addition, our experts can divide your home into several zones to increase the performance of your unit. Once we have installed your ductless wall-mounted heat pump, you have a remote control to control your system.

In addition, ductless heat pumps have several advantages, including home retrofits. They are perfect solutions in fairly small areas where the placement of ducts cannot be practical. In addition, due to their compressed sizes and ease of installation, ductless heat pumps are energy efficient.

What’s more, each indoor unit is independent and contains its own thermostat. Thus, you can control your entire home which reduces energy costs while ensuring your comfort. To top it off, ductless heat pumps are easy to maintain. Our professionals will be able to better bring their expertise in the maintenance of your heat pump in order to avoid dust in the air.

How INVERTER technology heat pumps work

Traditional compressors maintain the temperature by cooling when the ambient temperature exceeds the set temperature. They heat up when the ambient temperature is below the set temperature. The speed of non-INVERTER heat pumps remains constant and the temperature is set by switching the engine on or off. This leads to excessive energy consumption. As for INVERTER compressors, the temperature is adjusted by changing the speed of the motor without having to turn the system on and off. Apart from its energy efficiency, INVERTER technology has several advantages.

Indeed, a wall-mounted heat pump with this technology is silent. Generally, you hear loud noises when the compressor starts. From now on, you don’t have to deal with unwanted sounds. In addition, they are durable. Traditional compressors start and stop throughout their use, which accentuates the degradation of the engine and unit. Finally, heat pumps with INVENTER technology reach the desired temperature faster than traditional ones.