Do you fear the heat of summer and the great cold of winter? It is now quite possible to overcome these two problems by using a single device. The heat pump is a device designed to allow you to heat your interiors in cold weather and cool them in times of unbearable heat. However, there is a problem: there are a multitude of models on the market. What criteria should be taken into account to make the best possible choice when buying your heat pump in 2021? Answers in this article.

The performance criteria of a heat pump: important knowledge for a better choice

Several performance criteria define and characterize the efficiency or power of a heat pump. They contribute to the realization of a choice adapted to your real needs. Here are a few:

  • The BTU: this is the unit used to designate the power of an air conditioner. It provides information in relation to the heat needed to increase the temperature of a given volume of air. The power to choose will depend mainly on the area to be warmed up. Calculating the number of BTU needed for a part is simple. This will determine the minimum number of BTU to be expected as well as the maximum number not to be exceeded. The ideal BTU to choose for your heat pump will necessarily be between these two extremes. Note that the recommended minimum is about 15 BTU/ft² for a maximum of about 20 BTU/ft²;
  • The HSPF: it measures the efficiency of the device when it operates in heating mode. A high HSPF reflects a good yield of the heat pump;
  • The SEER: it reflects the effectiveness of the heat pump when it operates in air conditioning mode. The higher it is, the higher the efficiency of your heat pump will be.

The type of dwelling intended to receive the heat pump

Before making the purchase of your heat pump, take into account the characteristics of the space intended to receive it. What is its surface? Is it divided into several levels? Does it have many windows? All these questions and many others will be necessary to choose a heat pump with an ideal power for your comfort and budget. A device that performs better than necessary will only unnecessarily increase your bills while a device in underperformance will not meet your needs and will also risk quickly giving in to wear and tear and untimely malfunctions.

Energy consumption and noise caused by the heat pump

The energy consumption caused by an electrical appliance is a very important criterion when buying. It will therefore not be a question of opting for a device sold at a lower cost, but energy-intensive throughout the line. So choose a heat pump that meets energy saving standards for the respect of the environment and for the realization of great savings on your energy bills.

The noise emitted by your equipment

The sound level of your heat pump is a criterion that should not be overlooked. Take the trouble to check it out before validating your purchase. Indeed, a heat pump that is too noisy can disturb your immediate neighborhood and harm your serenity. There are several rules and standards regarding the emission of excessively noisy sounds from certain hours. So be careful not to violate them!

Price and warranty: two important criteria

The budget available for a purchase has always been a very important criterion. For the heat pump, note that there are several prices and several qualities on the market. Of course, a high price does not in any way mean that your acquisition is of quality. The opposite is also true. It will therefore be necessary to prioritize the other criteria and inform yourself in relation to the brands known in the field for their performance and reliability.

The guarantee

It can take many forms depending on the seller and the brand of your device. The warranty can extend over 10 years and cover the replacement of certain parts and the workforce in case of malfunction. It is advisable to inquire about the details of the warranty before validating your purchase.

Ask a professional for advice: a safe and fast approach

Acquiring a heat pump is undoubtedly a big investment. It is therefore important to take the time to make a wise choice. You have no technical knowledge of devices in general? For the choice of your heat pump, a simple, quick and easy option is available to you: call on a professional in the field. The latter will guide you with regard to quality equipment adapted to your needs. It will help you choose the ideal location for effective air diffusion in every corner of your home.

Far from being limited to a simple consulting service, your expert will also be able to install and maintain your heat pump. So don’t hesitate for a second and ask an expert for help!

The heat pump is undoubtedly a device to have absolutely. It offers several functions and benefits for your well-being and daily comfort. So take the time to choose it in order to benefit from it as long as possible.