Air exchangers are gaining more and more popularity in homes. Indeed, modernity has made this device a must in the construction of buildings. Homes today are mostly equipped with an air exchanger, which is an excellent insulator. The variation in temperatures during the different seasons is a cause that justifies the use of this accessory. In addition, the device purifies the internal ambient environment by removing dust from the air. This is what Climatisation Solution Air is for by equipping your home with the best equipment possible.

Why are air exchangers becoming more and more popular?

This device has become very common in new constructions and the reason is quite simple. Indeed, modern homes are increasingly waterproof. Thus, the standards recommend that dwellings be much more isolated than old dwellings. In summer, they must be able to keep the fresh air indoors, and in winter, heat must be able to reign.

However, the waterproofing of the buildings does not allow good ventilation and therefore traps moisture inside. This results in ambient air pollution in the enclosure of the house and a more or less significant proliferation of mold. This is where the air exchanger in the house comes in. It balances the air pressure inside your home and avoids the possible consequences of temperature changes.

What does an air exchanger look like?

The device is made in such a way as to evacuate unsuitable air to the outside and transports the good air inside. The air exchanger comes in two different forms: energy recovery fans and heat recovery fans.

The first type, also called ERV, is used to transfer incoming moisture to exhaust air in summer. During the winter, its work is reversed, that is, it transmits, inside, the outgoing moisture to the incoming air. In addition, it is able to convert the heat of the air that comes out of the house and transmits it to the one who enters. It is therefore a system suitable for areas where external humidity is high and the air in the house is dry.

As for heat recovery fans or HRVs, their role is to remove moisture in winter with exhaust air. In addition, it ensures the recycling of heat from the air that comes out and transmits it to the incoming air. This system is therefore ideal in winter to reduce the proportion of internal humidity of the habitat.

What are the advantages of an air exchanger?

Several countries require in their building codes, the presence of a ventilation system in homes. This is the case, for example, in Canada. The device is indeed very beneficial for homes especially in this part of the world.

Good air quality

In Canada, studies have shown that people in canada spend almost all (90%) of their time indoors. Younger people prefer to stay indoors in front of computers and video games. In these circumstances, it is fundamental to have clean air in the house. This is precisely the role of the device that purifies the internal atmosphere by eliminating contaminants in the air. This makes it possible to avoid certain diseases related to these microbes.

Removal of moisture and mold

The air exchanger regulates the humidity level. By installing the system, you no longer have to worry about fogging at the bays, water slides and mold. These microorganisms are actually a direct consequence of high humidity in your home. In addition, the system helps prevent cracks created by moisture in your home.

Air pressure balance

The permanent flow of air created in the enclosure of the house by the device prevents the formation of negative air pressure in the habitat. This is because negative air pressure tends to bring air in from everywhere when there is an opening. The consequences can be terrible if you have a home. The device is therefore ideal for solving this problem.

In view of all these benefits, the installation of a ventilation system is very important. First, in Canada and some other countries, the law requires it. Then, the device protects you from several diseases and protects your property. In addition, in order to have optimal air quality and make the most of its benefits, it is crucial to do regular maintenance. To this end, our team of qualified experts accompanies you in the choice, installation and maintenance of your device. Contact
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