In times of coolness or heat, the temperature in a house can cause discomfort. The air becomes less pure and exposes the occupants to respiratory disorders. Humidifiers can therefore remedy these health problems. There are different models, which means making a wise choice. We invite you to discover the health benefits of these devices before choosing your hygrostat.

The role of a humidifier

Often, when winter comes it becomes difficult to breathe because of the lack of air in the rooms of the house. With the heating running at full capacity during this period, the temperature of the atmosphere drops below 30%. However, according to health professionals, the humidity level inside our home must be between 40 and 60%. For frail and sensitive people, the percentage varies between 45 and 55%.

In order to respect this margin recommended by doctors, the use of a humidifier then becomes necessary. By means of the hygrometer with which it is equipped, it will be able to raise the temperature of each of the rooms of the house to a correct value. It can also be used in the warm season when temperatures are very high. It is an instrument that will provide the whole household with healthy air and you will be able to spend the winter and summer in complete serenity.

The benefits of air humidifiers on our health

The use of air humidifiers allows the inhabitants of a house to breathe better. Indeed, these devices soften the atmosphere when it becomes too dry. They thus prevent households from suffering from respiratory disorders or drying of their epidermis. By increasing the humidity of the air in your living spaces, the humidifier limits the chances that a family member may be affected by a cold or cough. In addition, this device promotes our comfort of life and reduces fatigue. For example, the quality of our sleep can be impaired when there is too much dust in the air in your room.

When you install a humidifier in the room, it is then well ventilated. The amount of debris is reduced, so you get better sleep. With the help of this device, it is also possible to eliminate static electricity present in the air. Truth be told, this load is dangerous for your body when it comes into contact with your clothes or hair. That’s why it’s important to use an air humidifier in your home.

The various models of air humidifier

By wanting to appropriate an air humidifier, we find ourselves facing various models. Each having specific characteristics, we can distinguish at least three that are:

  • hot mist humidifier
  • cold mist humidifier
  • ultrasonic air humidifier.

The first model makes it possible to transform heated water into steam thanks to two electrodes present in the device. The operation of the hot steam humidifier is the same as that of a pot of boiling water. Being able to purify a space of about 30m2, the cold mist humidifier makes the water vapor healthier and more refreshed. If you want a silent device, we recommend the ultrasonic model. Its effect is faster and more effective.

There is also an air humidifier for baby that improves the comfort and sleep of the child. By choosing a model that is a good fit for the baby, you could improve their quality of life and preserve their health.

The criteria for choosing a humidifier

Whether for an adult or a child, the choice of an air humidifier must be done correctly. For this, it is essential to proceed with the purchase of a product that is well adapted to the home where it will be used. Among the things to consider is the size of the device. The model chosen must correspond to the area of the dwelling without causing discomfort to its occupants. The noise level as well as the tank capacity remain the same determining. It is recommended to opt for a device that emits as little noise as possible. In order to make use of your humidifier for a long time, it is necessary to favor devices with a large tank capacity.

On the other hand, taking care of your humidifier is necessary in order to use it for a long time. For this purpose, Climatisation Solution Air is the company that will be of great help. We can also install and repair the humidifier if necessary. For any technician need in Montreal, we remain available and at your service.